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MIFF: Prom Night

I've always been a fan of Melbourne International Film Festival, being *the* preeminent film festival of my home city and an event I looked forward to each year. The gems which MIFF imports and uncovers locally are often hard to see again for years. Some of the films I've seen there have fundamentally shaken me and impacted me to this day, whether they are shorts like 'Meninas Formicida', 'Bonobo', and 'Fauve', or features like 'Invisible Life', 'Embrace of the Serpent', and 'Happy as Lazzaro.' Being accepted into the fold by MIFF is something akin to getting a hug from the parent you always wish you had.

This is a lovely description of 'Prom Night' too, what was almost like a lockdown exercise in which we were given £50 to scrummage together a set. We had one day to build it, and one day to shoot it, with a Director/Cinematographer/Production Designer team. I was lucky to encounter Diane Gray at the local Sainsbury's, who had never acted before yet was a total natural — and ironically an aspiring makeup artist.


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