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Hi! Here you'll find some films of mine which have been completed but are unreleased, as well as projects I have

in development.

Please contact me personally for links or to hear more.

VIRILE (21mins)

VIRILE is a dystopian psychosexual thriller at sea. BO (Liv Ello) is an androgynous boatswain on an otherwise all female research vessel, in a clandestine relationship with the Chief Scientist, DR. AMY ROSEN (Yuho Yamashita). However, their lives are disrupted by the appearance of a castaway MAN (James Browne).


Status: Completed 2022 

In feature development

Writer/Director: Lydia Rui

Producer: Sychelle-Kristina Yanda

Cinematographer: Lukáš Bistřický

Production Designer: Violette de Laet

Editor: Osian Pearson

Composer: Mathilde Koechlin

Sound Designer: Jan Sigsworth

Production Sound Mixer: Thomas Nott

Compositing Lead Artist: 

Rashela Kokoshi 

CGI Lead Artist: Iris Mota

Co-Lead VFX Supervisors: 

Alexandra Koren Morgan 

Lily Barber

Colourist / Online Editor: Jongheon Lee

Casting Director: Heather Basten  

Production Manager: Giorgio Lattanzi


NOME & THE WORM (13mins)

A magical realist coming-of-age short starring Afi Okaidja as NOME, a girl who is best friends with a fleshy pink earthworm, WORM, and the day their friendship is put to the test. Also starring Ony Uhiara as MOTHER and Kwame Bentil as FATHER.

Status: Completed 2021

Writer/Director: Lydia Rui

Executive Producer:

Richard Priseman

Story by Lily Seriki

Cinematographer: Estefanía Carpio

Production Designer: Edoardo Parada

Editor: Jón Atli Gudjónsson

Composer: Mathilde Koechlin

Sound Designer: Oliver Mapp

Production Managers:

Giorgio Lattanzi

Tania Louro Perez

First Assistant Director: Will Parnall

Sound Recordist: Thomas Nott

Colourist/Online editor: Jongheon Lee

DFX: James Elkin

Casting Director: Jessica Straker

Nome Poster.jpg


Psychological horror / thriller feature film, contact for more information

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